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blackfeathermedia Phone Repair Services

The trouble with mobile phones is that they are too convenient which whilst not being a bad thing, is a bad thing when something goes wrong with it as we almost become lost without it. Although there are other things that can go wrong with such as a headphone jack giving trouble or one of the buttons not working, most of the problems involve touchscreen phones and are that the touchscreens get scratched. The manufacturers in these instances will advise you to post the phone to them and they will replace the screen but remember, the warranty will not cover any accidents and as an accident would have caused your screen to get scratched, the manufacturer will charge you a hefty fee for the repair, plus of course postage. An alternative is to find an independent phone repair service in your area and contact them. The problem with this is though that as they are not associated with the manufacturer, they will not have the replacement parts you may need and so will expect for you to provide them. This of course you can do by looking online at where you can order them from but once again this will take time, time you would rather not have without your phone working properly. Another alternative is if an authorized phone repair facility for the manufacturer is located somewhere reasonably close to you, you could make an appointment and take it there. In many cases if the repair will take longer than the allotted appointment, they may loan you another phone until yours is ready to be returned but once again, they will charge you for this service as it probably is not covered by the warranty agreement.

Because of all these inconveniences in dealing with any repair facility, may people opt to make the repairs themselves which often are do not take long and are not hard to do. Obviously they have to look online to find instructions on how to make the repairs and also have to order the parts but once the parts arrive, many of the repairs can be completed in just minutes, a touchscreen for instance just takes 5 minutes to replace and it will be back as good as new.

For phone mobile phone owners that live in the London area, there is now one more option available to them and that is the form of a repair service by the name of Repairly. If you go to their website you will see that they operate in the London area and offer as service that is neither inconvenient or requires that you make the repairs yourself. They boast that they can pick up your phone from where you may happen to be, repair it and get it back to you within 2 hours. This is a service that is enviable but currently, unfortunately, is only available in the London area but as the company is fairly new, hopefully they will expand to include other cities in the country soon.